Student Testimonials

"When I first came to Nancy Jurek's yoga class three years ago, I thought I just wanted to build strength, develop my balance, and relax. But I soon came to realize the I had embarked upon a journey of self-realization where there was no past or present, there was only now. Yes, her techniques are excellent and she has been teaching yoga for many years, but it's the joy and love that pervades her practice that makes her classes transformational. Every time I walk into Nancy's yoga class, it feels like entering an oasis where everything I've accumulated over the days since my last class starts to fall away, leaving only what is essential. Nancy Jurek was born to teach yoga." –David Lally

"Nancy Jurek is a fabulous yoga teacher. She willingly shares her knowledge with the class in additional to taking into account each of her students' needs for the day. I would highly recommend her practice for all levels of yoga." – Paula Golden

"I participated in Nancy’s beginner level yoga class in Blacksburg, VA for several years. Nancy Jurek excelled at catering to our physical abilities. She was good at balancing our perceived limitations while also challenging us when appropriate. Her pacing and transitions of yoga poses and selection of routines were always appropriate for our beginner level class.
In addition to her technical skills, Nancy’s interpersonal skills allowed our class to connect with each other and develop a sense of community. She brought kindness and humor and created a relaxed atmosphere. Also, I appreciated when she would share the philosophy and benefits of yoga, which helped me to develop a healthier lifestyle." – Laura Robinson

"Nancy has endless knowledge and skills—your mind and heart will be opened and you will stretch in many ways!
Nancy is always introducing a new pose or concept—not in a forced way, but as part of the "flow" of practice
She is exceptionally kind and gentle, both in her approach to sharing Yoga, and in her interactions with each student
She is lit from within with love, warmth, and a sparkling wit!" – Christy Mackie

"I remember a great deal from you and Akke about correct posture, safe posture while practicing yoga, and do use the advice. There is a comment you used Nancy which has helped my in so many ways in addition to yoga and that was "lead with your heart". You meant it as a means to maintain posture during a motion. It says so much about YOU as a person. You lead with your heart and with grace and any student of yours will be equally blessed by that. For me it has helped constantly, as I bend from the waist to do anything, to minimize the amount of bending which tends to occur in my upper spine a bit like a hunch back. I just hear your suggestion to lead with the heart and the body seems to align itself quite naturally." – Bob Wright

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