Hatha Yoga with Nancy

Offering Gentle, Extra Gentle, Beginner, Intermediate, Yoga of Recovery, and Be-Kind-To-Your-Spine Hatha Yoga classes in either private or class settings. 

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Taproot Yoga Hatha Yoga Practice


About Integral Hatha Yoga

Integral Yoga is an integrated system of Yoga taught by Sri Swami Satchidananda, and rooted in the ancient Vedic traditions of Yoga. Encompassing a comprehensive practice that moves from the outer layers to the deeper, more subtle energies, this practice engages multiple entryways toward finding that balance between strength, flexibility, focus, and harmony, that leads to inner peace. Integral Yoga is a practice of grounding, empowerment, health, openness, ease-fullness, and interconnectivity.

This class follows the traditional Integral Yoga sequence, with space in the asana section for more adaptable movements geared toward the group on that day. For example, someone in the group may be having some shoulder difficulty, another, tightness in the hip or lower back pain – this class adapts to address these issues while also providing a full, deep experience for all.

An Integral Hatha Yoga class sequence includes:

~Chanting in Sanskrit. Chanting draws together the vibrations of the community, creating stillness and interconnectivity.
~Eye movements (netra vyayamam). Mindfully moving the eyes balances the hemispheres of the brain, strengthens and tones the optic nerves and muscles of the eyes, relieves tension being held in that area. ~Asana. Movement, breath, steadiness.
~Yoga Nidra. Guided deep relaxation integrates the benefits of the practice by peeling the layers of the Koshas, releasing them to relaxation and tapping into the flow of deep stillness and peace.
~Pranayama. Breath work has multiple health benefits, and also works very directly as a pathway toward discovering a different kind of strength, balance and focus.
~Meditation. A brief meditation offers space for accessing stillness and one-pointedness of mind.
~Closing chants. The spiral loops back around…